There is a flipside to the euphoria of economic growth - the problem of waste. Every day, our growing cities generate thousands of tons of waste, overloading municipal systems. An intelligent and responsible waste management system is the only smart solution to this vicious issue of waste.

MobiTrash is India's first comprehensive mobile organic waste collection and solution. MobiTrash makes your everyday waste management easy as never before Segregate, Handover & get it Composted!

Once subscribed, a MobiTrash van will arrive at your site every day, treatment to your segregated wet waste. The segregated wet waste is subsequently turned into odour free raw compost, which is then carted away for further curing. We are committed towards providing a professional waste treatment service devoid the hassles of smell and flies.

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Phone: (+91) 99300 29029
Email ID: getit@mobitrash.in