Founded in 2015, MobiTrash is a technology enabled comprehensive waste collection and management service. Its a subscription based model in which bulk waste generators such as apartment complexes, corporate offices, hotels, clubs, etc. subscribe to our service via our website and avail a regular organic waste treatment service. A specially designed and equipped MobiTrash van arrives at the customer site every day, to carry out on-site primary treatment of segregated wet waste kept collected by the client. The raw compost thus generated is carried by the van to a secondary site for further curing and conversion into high quality compost.

Starting off with kitchen waste composting services, MobiTrash launched its second service stream for garden waste disposal in Pune in December 2016.

MobiTrash smartly integrates technology to manage its fleet, fuel, scheduling, data entry, navigation, tracking and customer service management. The customers can easily monitor their treatment data, manage pickups and payments via their customer accounts.

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