Frequently Asked Questions

Is MobiTrash just a private garbage transport service provider?
No! MobiTrash is India’s first and most unique technological service provider which treats your segregated organic waste inside your premises daily and generates nuisance free ‘raw compost’ which is taken away to a central location for further composting.
Is MobiTrash a free service?
No! It is a subscription based paid service – only Rs.199 per household per month!
Which all cities does MobiTrash operate in?
Currently we have launched our service in Pune. If you’re not from Pune, rest assured! We shall be coming to your city soon.
I am interested to sign up for MobiTrash. but can I see a demonstration before actually signing up?
Yes! Just drop us a line. We will be happy to organize a demonstration for you at one of the existing sites in your city. We shall ensure that you see it, to believe it!
I am a flat owner in a building. Can I subscribe for MobiTrash just for my flat?
Currently we do not provide this service for single flats. The service is provided to residential buildings or complexes with at least 25 – 50 homes per building.
I am a commercial establishment. Is MobiTrash available for me?
Of course! MobiTrash is available for commercial bulk waste generators such as office complexes, IT companies, wedding halls, factories, malls, hotels and restaurants.
Will you accept all garbage that we generate?
As the tagline for MobiTrash suggests, it is ‘composting on wheels’ service. We shall only accept segregated organic (bio degradable) waste for treatment and transport.
Is there an upper limit to the quantity of garbage that can be given?
For households, yes. A maximum of 0.5 kg of garbage per day per household can be given for treatment in MobiTrash.
Will you collect door-to-door?
No. The segregated organic waste has to be brought to the MobiTrash van in large plastic containers for treatment.
How much time does it take for the MobiTrash van to treat the organic waste at my site?
As a rule of thumb, 100 kg of organic waste is treated in 30-45 minutes.
What if the MobiTrash van does not show up on a particular day?
There could be few days in a year when the MobiTrash van would need some maintainence breaks. Still, it is our responsibility to ensure the waste is carted away from your premises in a timely manner.
What is the procedure for starting the MobiTrash service?
It is very simple! You need to sign up for the service on our website One of us will call you to set up an appointment with you fairly soon. We shall set up a free trial for a week. Mid-way during the trial period, we shall enter into a longer term commercial agreement with you.
​Will there be bad smell generated from the MobiTrash van while it is parked in my premises and carrying out the treatment?
As a part of our commitment to our clients, we make sure that you get a clean, 100% smell and nuisance free service day after day. Operators of the MobiTrash van are always equipped with safety equipment and shall make sure that waste is not left behind in your premises after treatment.
Once we sign up, what time can we expect the MobiTrash van to come daily?
As a part of the agreement, we shall mention a mutually agreeable daily time slot for the MobiTrash van to come and carry out the treatment at your premises.